Morocco Recap

I’m a few years late on this travel recap, but

Morocco was such an awesome experience that I had to get it on here.  I mean, I’ve technically been to Africa ha.

I’m playing catchup on a number of travel posts before I fly away to Europe again and make new travel memories, tips and suggestions, so check back for more travel diaries!

I know this is a total old person thing to say, but Rick Steves’ travel books are seriously the best.  My mom (aka best travel buddy and rockstar traveler in general), has been using them for years to plan the most amazing trips (even our 6 week Euro backpack excursion where I could only pack 2 pairs of underwear!).  She hates tours and lame group outings, so she meticulously plans each trip, following Rick Steves’ off-the-beaten-path suggestions and must-dos.  Mommabear is a badass, really.  Wonder where I got my spunk, quirk and sass from… Well, actually, I don’t know about the quirk..I’m definitely the weird child.  Shout out to Joel for being golden! 😀

I’d feel bad that we leave the Daddio at home to work while we adventure, but let’s be real, that is some blissful peace and quiet for him.

This mother-daughter trip consisted of Spain, Portugal and Morocco, so we took a ferry over to Morocco from a super cute town in Spain, called Tarifa, but not before covering up our skin!  Ugh, that is SO hard for me to do (ha)!  Luckily Morocco is really progressive and some women don’t even wear a head scarf.

Note: I will also be posting a Portugal and Spain recap.

The ferry from Tarifa, Spain dropped us off in Tangier, Morocco, where everyone was kind and welcoming.

Cue man casually walking down the street carrying a bunch of chickens in each hand. Kute.  #vegetarian

We stayed at Hotel Continental, which I LOVED.  It was gorgeous inside (colorful mosaics and stained glass) and in a great location, with pretty views.

The two places we explored on this trip were Tangier and Asilah.  Unfortunately we didn’t make it to time!  Asilah was simply beautiful, and my favorite part of the trip.  As much fun as it was to maneuver through the hustlers in the Tangier markets (pretty sure the “Moroccan oil” I bought was not entirely Moroccan), people watch in the Petit Socco, and observe artisans working in their tiny shops, I really enjoyed the quiet beauty of Asilah.

Overall it was a wonderful experience, and we felt safe and welcome the entire stay.

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Tangier pics..

Hotel Continental Tangier

The Caves of Hercules, near Tangier:




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